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What are the components involved in today's modern windshield replacement?

Today's glass is now considered ”Smart Glass”. Your everyday passenger vehicles are becoming as advanced as your latest cell phone. The Toyota Highlander, for instance, has 9 different options for windshields. The important point here is when you have your windshield replaced, you need a highly trained, certified professional glass company to remove and replace your cars sophisticated windshield. Here are a few of the components involved in today's modern windshield replacement.

  • (HUD) Heads up Display

  • (RS) Rain sensing wipers

  • (CD) Condensation Sensor

  • (HM) Humidity Sensor

  • (SOL) Solar, Ultra Violet light blocking

  • (ACI) Acoustic Interlayer

  • (LDWS) Lane Departure Warning System

  • (LKA) Lane keep assist

  • (FCA) Forward crash alert

  • (NV) Night Vision

One of your most expensive purchases in life shouldn’t be left in the hand of an untrained facility. Contact us to get your auto glass replaced today!

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